Verizon Galaxy Note 4 Getting Marshmallow Update

Verizon has started distributing Marshmallow update to their Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The update, which carries the firmware number: N910VVRU2CPD1, bundles all of the standard functionality you’d expect to find baked into Android 6.0.1, in addition to a handful of optimizations for native Samsung applications and compatibility for the operator’s Wi-Fi Calling service.

verizon galaxy note 4

Verizon Galaxy Note 4 Marshmallow Update Changelog

This software update brings the latest Android™ Marshmallow OS along with Wi-Fi Calling, App icon update, Ultra High Quality Audio and Android for Work.

Android’s latest OS. Major features include:

  • Now on Tap anticipates what you need in the moment. With a simple tap, you can get cards with useful information and apps that feed your need to know.
  • When your device is at rest, Doze automatically puts it into a sleep state, preserving your battery charge.
  • No need to give apps access all the time. Android Marshmallow lets you define what you want to share and when. Turn permissions off at any time, too.

Wi-Fi Calling:
You can make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi network, helping you stay connected if cellular service isn’t available.

  • It’s included at no additional charge with your existing plan and device
  • Use your own phone number to make and receive calls
  • Wi-Fi calls to US numbers are free, even while traveling outside the US

You can activate Wi-Fi Calling directly on your device. Go to Settings > Advanced Calling > Activate Advanced Calling

Once Advanced Calling is active, you can turn on HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling from the same settings.

A fresh look and design
A new design of app icons and folder

Ultra-High-Quality Audio- UHQA (Hi-Fi Audio)
Your favorite tunes have never sounded better on a Samsung smartphone. This breakthrough audio technology takes select music files and enhances the richness and detail.

  • Improved sound quality for any file type
  • Audiophile level sound quality
  • Every note from your playlists and punch lines from your favorite videos are brought to life with crisp audio

Android for Work:
This update supports Android for Work, the world’s most popular mobile platform. To learn more, go to

Removed app:
Amazon Music

Source: Verizon

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