Verizon Galaxy Note 4 Getting Gear VR Update

verizon galaxy note 4 updateVerizon version Galaxy Note 4 got its essential Gear VR software update. This update are going to be bringing several feature improvements somewhere alongside the Gear VR compatibility. You will also receive an updated Galaxy Essential widget, first of all. Would likely be required your own ISIS wallet modified onto Softcard.
And you will have new legibility for screen/font colorings for non-active items.

You will find the actual Mobile Hotspot assisting Spanish. You could find improved Wi-fi functioning plus your email notification problems resolved. There are a fixed interface problem between Google Drive as well as Office viewer.

To get this update, you need to do the following. Open settings, go to the bottom of your list for “System Updates”, and view to get a new update. It can be arriving at this time.

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