How to Use Selective Focus and Rich Tone HDR Camera Feature on Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 equiped with a 16MP High resolution camera by using impressive Smart OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) in the back. That reduces shaking any time you are capturing, previewing, and also recording. Additionally, the direct exposure moment automatically changes for taking highly detailed photos in low-light conditions.

selective focus on galaxy note 4Camera establishing options on Galaxy Note 4 are usually reduced by 2-depth system. Regularly used items are organized in the first layer and other items in the second layer.

How to Selective Focus on Galaxy Note 4

  • Touch your camera.
  • Touch the MODE icon to modify to the Selective focus
  • Touch the Selective Focus.
  • Touch OK.
  • Touch and choose the objects you’ll want to be in focus. Add depth in your photos simply by adjusting them in order that just the objects you would like will be in focus. To find the best results, be sure that your subjects are less than 50cm faraway from you, and a minimum of twice as far from the background. Choose the Camera button to take image.
  • In addition, you’re able to do refocusing via Gallery right after capturing picture.Touch the Gallery option.
  • Touch the actual Selective focus icons on photo.
  • You can choose focus which you really want on taken photos. Select the Near focus or Far focus or Pan focus. Near Focus is actually standard default result which focused on near object, and Far Focus is actually objection of Near focus and Pan Focus is clear picture focused to all range.
  • When finished, choose Save.

How to Rich Tone HDR on Galaxy Note 4

Support not only to photos but probably Preview and also Recording mode. Thus, you are able to record bright videos, take photos with rich colors and also recreate details even just in bright and also dark areas, and combining hasn’t ever been more quickly.

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