How to Turn ON Predictive Text on Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 includes several brilliant features. Among the best features on the Galaxy Note 4 will be the predictive text feature. Predictive text on the Galaxy Note 4 is certainly input technology that suggests words and phrases depending on the context of the message and the very first wrote characters.

turn on predictive text on Galaxy Note 4

This feature can make it far easier and also faster to text message anyone on your Galaxy Note 4. Listed below we’ll let you know how to turn on predictive text on Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Guide to turn on predictive text on Galaxy Note 4

  • Switch it on your own Samsung Note 4.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose on Language & Input.
  • Choose on Samsung Keyboard.
  • Search and choose On for Predictive Text.

Advanced settings

Advanced settings menu for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 enables a lot more controls of predictive text. This feature will allow users to create a set of period waiting times with a lengthy press key action. Certainly one of this is when you hold down a number or letter for a long period of time, a special character appears on the keyboard.

Text correction options

Whenever you switch it on predictive text on Galaxy Note 4, you may also turn on text correction too. This is a menus that you could additional your individual thesaurus. This allows Android to understand not to change the words and phrases that you simply normally use within a text.

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