How to take screenshot on Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now on shop racks, featuring a lot of applications from the Google Play Store, and much more on Samsung’s own application directory, and it also features one of the greatest displays we’ve seen on the smartphone until now. Exactly how do you capture that special moment in an application? Very simple, take a screenshot on Galaxy Note 4.How to take screenshot on Galaxy Note 4

take screenshot on galaxy note 4

Guide to take screenshot on Galaxy Note 4

How exactly do you take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 4?  It’s really a process that functions the same way on all of Samsung Android devices, and it’s all very simple: all it takes is to hold the ‘Home’ button on the front, and while holding it, click the ‘Power/lock key’. The screen on your Galaxy Note 4 will flash very briefly to indicate that you’ve indeed captured that screenshot, and it will be automatically saved to your gallery.

You can use this method to take a screenshot of the Galaxy Note 4 amidst a game, or just share what’s on your screen with the rest of the world.

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