How to Get the Most of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Not many Smartphone have a high specification to do many things, such as playing games, taking pictures, and even drawing. But all of that can be done by Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This premium phablet with a 5.7-inch screen is indeed able to do anything thanks to the great support of its specifications as well as the presence of S-Pen, a special stylus that allows users to draw comfortably. However, there are still many users that missed some tricks they can do with the device.

Maximizing the use of S-Pen

  • You can save time by displaying only the core content using Air View feature. Go to Setting > S-Pen > Air View. You will get a preview through a random pop-up window page link highlighted the tip of the S-Pen, and sent to the user via SMS or other messaging services.
  • You can add an event or schedule to S Planner app using the S Pen. Head to Settings > S-Pen > Direct Input Pen.

samsung galaxy note 4

S-Pen is a fantastic feature, but you need time to get used to when using it unless you have been using the previous Galaxy Note series.

Maximizing the smart voice recorder

While you are in the conference room and wanted to get a clear sound of what somebody said from the sound source, then the Meeting Mode in the Galaxy Note 4 will be very helpful. It is able to distinguish the source of the sound of the eight directions at once.

Autofocus function

Galaxy Note 4 has the functions of auto focus and auto exposure (first time for the Samsung Galaxy) for the main camera, while the front camera has an anti-shake to get a better photo selfie – by analyzing your heartbeat, when a finger is placed on the sensor heart rate on the back side when you will take selfie.

Galaxy Note 4 is one of the best devices on the market. It was equipped with a variety of premium components which makes it as a high-performance device. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 also riches in features and exclusive applications even if you have to make it up with a premium price.

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