How to Disable LED Notifications on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Sometimes, people that use Galaxy Note 4 choose to set the LED notifications so they can see if there is a notification that arrives when they are busy to hear the notifications sounds. But in other hands, sometimes it is also distracting because of the light. Especially at night, it will give some effect to the users’ eyes. To disable LED notifications on your Samsung Note 4, follow the guide below.

But you don’t need to worry. This can be handled because Samsung has provided the menu to modify this thing. You can turn it off and on as you want. But please use it wisely so it won’t damage the phone system.

disable led notifications

Step to disable LED notifications on your Galaxy  Note 4

The LED blinking notifications that usually distracted you are actually can be disabled. To do it, go to the Settings menu, the menu to handle everything on your phone. After tap, the Settings menu, choose the Display menu. Tap it and then find the LED indicator menu. If it is applicable on your Galaxy Note 4, it will show that the circle is on the right side and has a green colored toggle.

Turn it off by switching the toggle (that little circle), so it will be on the left side, and the color turns to grey.

By turning off the LED indicator, you will not see the notifications that usually use the LED when they come. Some apps notifications probably only can be seen if you turn on the screen. The information on charging will also disappear if you turn off this setting.

But don’t worry; there is another advantage by turning it off. It is that your phone will consume lower energy from the battery. This means that you will save more battery power. Your Galaxy Note 4’s battery will live longer than.

Benefit of disabling the LED notifications on Samsung Galaxy  Note 4

As the recommendation, probably you will need to do this if you need it only. Once you are done and need to be back in a normal notification setting with the LED indicator, you can directly go to the same menu as the instruction above, and then turn it on.

For some people, turning off the LED indicator is necessary, but it’s a temporary thing. Probably to avoid the light from the phone that can distract the eyes. As an example, people turn it off when night comes, especially when the sleeping time comes. If it turned off, your sleep would never be distracted.

You can also set it with the blue light filter as the great combination to avoid distraction when you are sleeping. The combination will allow you to sleep near the Galaxy Note 4 without a doubt if you are distracted.

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